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“Thank you very much for (pupil) report. It has helped me to understand his behaviour and to be able to divert more concentrated attention to certain points in your report” (Parent)

“Thank you so much for your support and advice through using consultation to support (pupil) but also myself. Knowing how we can help and agreeing actions with school will be invaluable” (Parent).

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“Leona is well organised, thorough, and professional and forms positive and important relationships. She has a very easy and helpful manner when communicating with parents (Head Teacher)

"We were very fortunate to have worked with Leona Black for three years - she was very personable, extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and provided a positive service to the children." (SENDCo)

“Leona has effected positive changes in pupil performance. I have found her input very helpful and her reports are thorough and useful” (SENDCo)

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“Leona’s knowledge of SEN procedures and strategies has been really helpful and beneficial personally and for the school development” (SENDCo)

“Leona is conscientious and goal oriented. She relates well with a wide range of people – parents, pupils and professionals. She has an analytical approach to problem-solving and can be objective in her methods” (SENDCo)

"The day after you were involved, Leona, my son's life changed" (Parent)

"The consultation meeting was excellent - thank you" (Parent)

"I have noticed that since we have used consultation, the teachers immediately put into place their actions and are much more motivated to do them" (SENDCo)