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How can I help?

I also offer professional support in schools in a range of contexts and currently support several state schools and academies in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. These schools have chosen to work with me directly rather than through the Educational Psychology service provided by the Local Authority. These schools value the consistency that working with me offers.

My approach to supporting pupils in schools

You may or may not have met an Educational Psychologist before, but we are all quite different in our approach. My aim is to support a pupil’s well-being and help remove their barriers to learning through the application of psychology. I do this through drawing upon the knowledge of those that know the child well.

My job is not to work out what is “wrong” with a child. My job is to be helpful, identify what is going well and perhaps what needs to change a bit in their environment. This means using a model called "consultation". This will mean working through the adults to make those changes as opposed to “diagnosing” the child. I strongly believe that positive change happens when the systems around the child work together.

What can you expect from the consultation process?

Educational psychologists mean something quite particular when they use the word “consultation”, which is different to how you might hear the word used in other situations.

The aims of the consultation process

  • To bring about positive change for pupils by working together to plan support in school.
  • To empower the key adults working with and supporting the pupil to find their own solutions.
  • To support and promote inclusive practices within schools.
  • To have a shared respect and understanding that you will already have many strengths, skills and expertise that can be drawn upon through conversation. It is not my job to tell you what to do but support you in what you do already. I can offer some ideas, but only if you want me to. To support your confidence in your ability to deal with the situation you are bringing to me.

Key principles of consultation

  • An indirect way of working to help pupils Together we will create an action plan through a solution finding process. I do not always need to work with or observe a child in order to do this and often find that working through the adults themselves in order to make changes can be an effective and cost efficient way of supporting many more children, as opposed to lengthy assessments.
  • A solution finding process I will use questions to move the discussion towards finding a solution to the current concerns. There will be a focus on strengths and what is working well, rather than too much problem talk.
  • Collaborative The process draws on everyone’s knowledge, skills and experiences. I bring my knowledge of psychology, many years of experience of working in schools and you bring your expertise of teaching and experience of working with the pupil.

I can meet virtually so I can work with anyone, anywhere in the country.

A detailed report will be generated to capture the key strengths, concerns and actions agreed to support the pupil. We can also review how things are going a few weeks or months later.

I use consultation in all of the schools I support with excellent feedback and changes made.

I also offer a coaching and supervision service to support staff in schools - please visit my other website for more information at

If you're considering moving away from the Local Authority for your Educational Psychology services, then please get in touch to discuss the packages that I can offer your school.

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